Elevation of Privileges—Making Threat Modelling Fun

Luke Richardson wrote “Motivation Threat modelling is hard. There are a few reasons why this is so. One of the challenges is the fact that it’s widely accepted that in order to achieve effective threat modelling, you must ‘think like an attacker’. This can be a drawback because the people attempting to think like an attacker are often…”

What does a second person video game look like?

Luke Richardson wrote “Anyone who has played video games will probably group games into two categories: first-person perspective and third-person perspective. For those who haven’t played video games, first-person perspective is where you see the game world through the eyes of the character you control, and third-person perspective is where you can see the character you control in…”

Is Conway’s law a myth? Does it still hold in today’s corporate structures?

Luke Richardson wrote “This blog post was originally going to be called “does corporate management structure mirror the architecture of a modern day computer?”. I began writing, and during my research a colleague put me onto something called Conway’s law. Conway’s law is the idea that companies and organisations design systems that run parallel to their communication structure:…”

Is it still worth learning vim?

Luke Richardson wrote “Pros and Cons It’s the year 2020 and there are now countless ways in which you can write software. Gone are the days of monochromatic text editors and manual indenting of your code, so why is it still worth learning vim (vi improved)? First, not having to use the mouse is way more convenient than…”

The Pragmatic Programmer

Luke Richardson wrote “I recently read the first chapter of the 20th anniversary version of the well known software development handbook: The Pragmatic Programmer. Since this, I have had a good amount of time to reflect and observe the principles in action so I decided to write a brief summary and some of my thoughts and attitudes towards working after reading it. ”