By Hubbard, Tom, 1931-, Photographer (NARA record: 8464449) (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Simple user authentication: ASP.NET Identity and NHibernate

Martin Eden wrote “ASP.NET MVC 5 introduced a new system for managing users and authentication, known as ASP.NET Identity. Over the last few years we have built and now maintain a couple of MVC applications. We started with MVC 2, and have since upgraded to 3 and then 4. So despite MVC 5 being out since the end of…”

Hybrid apps

Martin Eden wrote “We recently developed an iPad app. It’s requirements were very simple: Essentially, the app was to be a brochure that a salesperson could use to demonstrate and talk about products with a customer. It needed to be able to display text and videos, and provide links to further online web resources and PDFs. iOS development…”

NuGet: Fetch missing or out of date packages on build

Martin Eden wrote “NuGet is a package manager for the .NET world. At its core is an API that will take a set of assemblies that you are interested in and download any that are new to a specified folder. There is then a Visual Studio plug-in that uses a convention-based approach to adding new packages to your…”

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iOS Enterprise Program: Distribution certificates

Martin Eden wrote “To develop apps for iOS you need an Apple Developer Account. There is the normal developer program which costs $99/year and allows you to distribute apps publically through the app store. However, there is also the Enterprise account which costs $300/year. With the Enterprise account (which only businesses can apply for) you are unable to…”

Application-level change logging with EntityFramework

Martin Eden wrote “We have been developing Daylight, which is a records management system for Freedom from Torture, a charity dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of torture. Due to the sensitive nature of the data being recorded, Freedom from Torture wanted a way of tracking every change that was made to records. The application uses…”

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Programmatically updating local policy in Windows

Martin Eden wrote ““Group Policy is a feature of the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems that control the working environment of user accounts and computer accounts. Group Policy provides the centralized management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and users’ settings in an Active Directory environment…Local Group Policy (LGP) is a more basic version of the…”

Downloading files with WebDriver

Martin Eden wrote “We have been using WebDriver (/Selenium) for doing functional testing of web applications. I have personally been involved in using WebDriver on .NET to automate testing of several .NET web applications. But in my spare time, I’ve discovered another use for WebDriver, which is automating interactions with websites.”