UX design in Agile projects

Mike Rowlands wrote “We’ve been making a habit of collaboration with partners for what seems like forever, so why is it that we find it hard to get the formula right with front-end designers? Are we a particularly fussy bunch, or is there something more systematic going on? Recently we’ve been working with the Agile Research Network who were…”

Onzo now so live, you can buy it

Mike Rowlands wrote “I was delighted to see that Onzo have released a consumer version of their revolutionary energy metering product to the UK market. They have already been picking up design awards and once people realise what’s inside the good looking enclosure, they’ll surely pick up a host of green tech ones too. Why is it revolutionary?…”

SpringSource / VMWare Acquire Rabbit Technologies

Mike Rowlands wrote “SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. today announced the acquisition by VMware of Rabbit Technologies, Ltd, a company set up by LShift and partners Monadic and CohesiveFT. Read the full story”

Profiting from Agile

Mike Rowlands wrote “In September we sponsored the Agile Conference and while it was held prior to the global meltdown, the turn-out was not great. Certainly attendance at the event does not seem to be growing at anything like the pace that Agile is being adopted. Is this because it’s now ubiquitous amongst the type of organisations that…”

DLAs, mashups and canapes

Mike Rowlands wrote “TV Chefs and blogs have had it — networking evenings and portals are back Last Thursday I went to and event titled Digital Lifestyle Aggregators at the ever so posh BT Centre and learnt three things about this latest web 2.0 trend Digital Content Aggregation is when you present a load of different content sources…”