API bindings in Erlang

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “About 6 months ago, I started to teach myself Erlang. I’ve always found it difficult to learn a new language without a decent test project to try out things with, and so I decided to add scrobbling support to our jukebox. I got pretty far, but then I got buried in other projects, and…”

Android Postcode app

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “I’ve been playing around with Android development recently, and one of the apps is now worth sharing with everyone else. It’s not particularly complex, but last I looked, there wasn’t an app to do this: tell me what my postcode is. Given you’re holding a phone that knows where it is, and that can talk…”

“Nearby art”: using the V&A API and geolocation

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “A little while back, I was informed that the V&A had an API. To be honest, my first response to this was “why on earth?”. There’s been a few similar APIs coming out recently from organisations, with some sort of “build it and they’ll come” expectations i.e. expecting that all they have to do is…”

Little Brother: spying on yourself for fun and profit

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “One of the internal tools that some of us use is a little script called getcap. Using the venerable xwd and ImageMagick, along with a bit of shell scripting it gets run by cron 8 times an hour and dumps a screen capture into a hidden folder in your home directory. As you can imagine,…”

Debian build-depends metapackages

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “When I’m doing development on an existing software project, and especially when I’m trying to bugfix something with a Debian package, I find that I install random packages I need to rebuild something, and then later on I’m wondering why I’ve got those installed. I tend to try to keep with the philosophy that the bits…”