Installing Visual Studio AddIns for All Users

Paul Jones wrote “Whilst writing the installer for WebGAC, I was faced with some challenges trying to make the Add-In install for all users on the system. The MSDN documentation for Add-In registration generally recommends placing the files into the user’s My Documents directory. It’s All Users solution is to place it into the Shared Documents directory. The…”

WebGAC: Minding your .NET Dependencies

Paul Jones wrote “Managing binary dependencies in .NET can be a complicated task. For small projects, checking the dependencies into source control tends to work just fine. So does requesting that all developers have various binaries available in their GAC. Grow much bigger, or add more projects, and managing that starts to get very difficult. The Java world…”

HTTP Routing with RabbitMQ and Trapeze

Paul Jones wrote “After building Hookout a little while back, I’ve been considering other things you could do to funnel clients through a server without them necessarily being reachable, or having an entire address space of their own. Hookout was working within the constraints of the reverse http protocol, where clients could speak only http. I wanted to…”

Erlang OTP Boot Files for Fun and Profit

Paul Jones wrote “As part of some new Rabbit features, we’ve been investigating the use of boot files to start multiple applications without requiring us to build our own application loader. After some initial experimentation, we built a fairly simple utility that would generate a .rel file, then request the Erlang toolchain to compile this and generate .script…”

Webhooks behind the firewall with Reverse HTTP

Paul Jones wrote “With the growing popularity of building webhooks to link applications together, and the stunning ease of building web applications with lightweight web frameworks in various languages (such as Sinatra in Ruby), the thorny issue of NAT-firewalls remains a substantial dampener on development ease. Enter another use for Reverse HTTP. With Reverse HTTP, applications running behind…”