TiddlyWiki adaptation

By: on July 21, 2005

I’ve started work on an adaption of TiddlyWiki. The things I want to improve:

– TiddlyWiki has a degree of reflection — editing the node ‘MainTitle’ changes the displayed title, for example. It does these inconsistently though, with bits of privileged markup. I’d rather it kept them as nodes and simply styled those nodes specially — ideally using CSS that is itself editable. A side effect of this will hopefully be to make the HTML more accessible (since it will closer to, if not thoroughly, semantic markup) .

– I’d like a Stickies-like interface, where nodes remember their position and can be moved around and resized. This gives the user an opportunity to use spatial reasoning to keep a mental map of the information, something that regular websites (and the Web at large) lack.

*UPDATE* There’s a [darcs repository](http://www.squaremobius.net/~mikeb/Darcs/sticky-wiki/)


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