Slick Adaptec Raid utilities for Linux

By: on June 1, 2006

We have been having a bit of trouble with a drive in a DELL PowerEdge 6250 that we deploy a web service onto. It has a raid card, and we had no idea of the configuration. I figured DELL online support might be helpful.

I’d soon found myself with some RPMs for managing adaptec raid cards

The tool is a text based shell, with enough built in help that you won’t need a manual. That’s just as well, because there isn’t one, as far as I can tell.


CLI > open AFA0
AFA0> diagnostic show history

will probably tell you everything you need to diagnose problems, but everything you need to configure or reconfigure a RAID is here.

The above box was a redhat box, so that was easy. I’m betting that alien would work fine for debian.

Nice one Dell, and Adaptec.


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