Pub quiz triumph

By: on March 21, 2007

We started attending the Tuesday night pub quiz at the Reliance a while back, and won a few bar tabs and jackpots. Most weeks someone-or-other has something on and can’t come along, and we end up either half-strength or giving it a miss; so, we’ve struggled to continue our winning ways, even to the low point of coming last by about ten points (the night it was just TonyG and I and all the questions were about, well, not New Zealand).

Last night, however, it all came together, and with Alexis helping out, the Gerontocratic Republic of Stu’s Heroes skipped home to victory — not only first place, but the jackpot as well.

It’s fairly certain that we’ll be there next week.



  1. matthew says:

    Glad to see LShift isn’t developing a pub culture!

  2. tonyg says:

    You’re right: we’re re-using an existing one. We do succumb to NIH more often than we might, but in this instance we’ve managed to avoid it!

  3. david says:

    David from Lateral here.

    I think we’d need a team of at least 4 techies and some people from Lateral, but the more support the merrier! Get in touch.

    Event: Flag and Bell – Pub Crawl for Techies

    Event name
    Flag and Bell – Pub Crawl for Techies

    Event Type
    Networking/social Event

    1 May 2007


    The Flag and Bell is a Tech Pub Crawl held on the first >Tuesday of each month.

    The Tournament Pub, 344 Old Brompton Rd, London

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