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By: on July 26, 2007

Although we’ve been very pleased to welcome Felix and Simon in the last few months, and we’re very happy about the return of Sam Jones, we’re still on the lookout for fresh blood.

We really haven’t had much luck with recruiting strangers recently. Simon and Felix both came to us via personal introductions.

We’ve been sifting sadly though the CVs sent by recruiters. There have been a few exceptions, but these nearly always fail to raise a flutter of interest. Typically there’s no sense of the person behind the application, just a very narrow range of experience and interest. We really rely on the slow but steady trickle of CVs we get from people who actually know of LShift, and have perhaps even looked at this website and have actively chosen to apply. This kind of application has a much better chance of success here. We’ve had a few close runs in the past few months. Unfortunately, one of the interesting applicants just disappeared into the ether mid-way through the recruitment process (we’re not that bad surely?). We met someone else we’d hire tomorrow – sadly for us it turned out not to be such good timing for the applicant (yet, i hope). We’ve just heard from another interesting prospect too, but we’d still love to see more applicants like these, and a little bit more luck.

If you know open source and commercial projects, if you’re not afraid of computer science and you know how to complete a project then please cheer us up and get in touch. If you fit the bill but the job described here doesn’t appeal then we’d love to know why.

Also, we’d be very interested to know where all the CVs from women in this industry go – we haven’t seen one for ages.



  1. Thomas Lindgren says:

    (Your system erased my previous post, so this will be brief.) Re-read the ad from the viewpoint of your customer, er applicant.

  2. andy says:

    Tell us more please, Thomas

  3. Thomas Lindgren says:

    Tell us more please, Thomas

    In essence, the ad tells the reader what you would, broadly, like to see, but is vague about what one would actually work with, what sort of compensation one might expect, and so on. Is it then worthwhile to someone not working with recruiting to start the whole process? Unclear.

    Hope this helps.

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