Invitation to AMQP and RabbitMQ Birds of a Feather session

By: on August 28, 2007

I am guest blogging here on behalf of CohesiveFT. We work with the excellent LShift team on our joint venture, RabbitMQ.

I’m here to invite you to a Birds of a Feather session this coming Thursday, August 30th, at 8pm, in central London. It is FREE and will last for 45 minutes starting at 8pm, followed by the traditional breakout discussions over a beer.
Please do take a look at RabbitMQ if you have not yet done so. It’s a commercial open source product, available under the MPL 1.1 and implementing the Advanced Message Queue Protocol. AMQP is a new way to do business messaging (ie: “what goes in, must come out“). What’s really cool is that like HTTP it is a protocol instead of a language specific API. This should make interoperability between platforms much easier and less painful (business readers: “systems integration projects take less time and success can be predicted more accurately”). For more information, please see my list of links here.

What is the BOF about – and why come? It’s an informal session about RabbitMQ and AMQP, and how they apply within popular environments such as Spring, Mule, Ruby, AJAX, and other messaging protocols such as FIX.

“Informal” means we’ll be encouraging a conversation between people interested in any of these things. We want to hear from you, and from each other, rather than pushing slideware at people.

Come if you want to:

* Meet the RabbitMQ team and hear about AMQP and its implementation
* Meet Neil Harris and Damian Raffell from MuleSource
* Meet Ben Hale from Interface21, makers of the Spring Framework
* Meet other end users of these technologies, and people from the AMQP Working Group
* Talk about what you want from these products and how they might work together
* See demos of these products working together on Amazon’s EC2 Cloud using CohesiveFT Elastic Server

Details of the BOF here: Ideally we ask you to register via the web site, but late arrivals are very welcome – if you turn up, we shall get you in. The BOF is offered as part of the popular EJUG series of tech talks and as a tie-in with the most excellent No Fluff Just Stuffconference.

If you cannot come but want to know more about any of these things then you can email us at

Thank-you very much – and we hope to see you on Thursday 🙂

Posted by Chris on behalf of Alexis Richardson, CohesiveFT.



  1. Maximillian Dornseif says:

    Are any Notes/Recordings/Slides from that event available?

  2. alexis says:

    Max, I think it may have been recorded. I shall ask the NFJS guys and post details here. To get the demo code, PM me or ask about it on the list — we’re in the process of releasing it.

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