Erlang on Neo1973 cellphone

By: on September 16, 2007

This evening, after fighting bitbake (in the form of the capricious “insane.bbclass” class definition) for a good few hours, I managed to get Erlang version R11B-5 running on my new cellphone.

Running the interactive erlang shell on a cellphone is pretty cool. Erlang’s built-in clustering support works fine: I’ve successfully connected an erlang node on my pc to a node on the phone using the USB ethernet support the phone provides.

The base package compiles down to a bit less than 7MB, which is a bit large. The full suite of libraries are another 22MB or so. It’s certainly possible to fine-tune the packaging process to get a smaller distribution, but for now I’m happy developing against what I have.

Update: I’ve posted my changed build scripts to OpenEmbedded’s bug tracker at bug 3014. Here’s a direct link to the tarball, if anyone would like to try it themselves.



  1. Bruce says:

    Nice one. You really should get your Erlang tagged stuff onto planeterlang.

    I’m dying to get one of these phones, but I really want the built-in wifi one. NZ data costs are getting better but nothing like your neck of the woods.

    What was the baseline memory usage for the shell?

  2. tonyg says:

    beam shows 4964kB resident after starting erl at the command-line. The virtual image size is 9080kB, and the shared size is 1580kB.

  3. tonyg says:

    By comparison, the “Today” application has 10MB resident, 21ish MB virtual, and the dialer app has 8.5MB resident, 32ish MB total!

  4. tonyg says:

    Uh, of course, they have about 8MB of shared core each. Still.

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