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By: on September 28, 2007

Someone has put programmers’ fridge magnet poetry on our fridge. I suspect it was a well-targetted marketing freebie, like the beanbag penguin that sits looking out onto Old Street. In any case, it has already attracted the attention of several clearly very talented individuals:

gorgeous dangling cyberspace
      whisper foo

and this ironic gem

   greasy hacker @ deprecated network
         tiny bucket

             spawn bandwidth


Fridge poetry

My favourite, though, is the person that has arranged some magnets into a pair of parens, with the single atom TRUE enclosed.

Up close, it is a subtle play on self-description, a visual pun on syntactic abstraction; but macroscopically, the seemingly trivially-evaluated expression brings recursion into the fold – its position and spelling suggests that there is more yet to be unravelled, and poses the question “How do we define truth?”.



  1. Lee says:

    Erm, cough, I think I actually paid good money for those

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