Ubuntu on EeePC is fairly slick

By: on May 7, 2008

The instructions were pretty easy to follow (admittedly, after 10 years, you learn where the awkward spots are in linux installations) and the result is a tiny, snappy, fully-working Ubuntu machine, complete with webcam and wifi. The only bit I haven’t got working yet is microphone input to Skype; my bet is that it’s a simple mixer setting.

Update: This page has instructions on how to get the microphone working. The key piece of information is the “Capture Switch” settings.



  1. Ben Hood says:

    Slick….but more expensive than Windows on e3:


  2. Holger says:

    Let us know if you get sound recording to work. I have gutsy on mine as well and that’s the one thing not working properly at the moment. (Well, wakeup from sleep is another issue I’d like fixed…)

  3. tonyg says:

    I’ve had Skype working; I’ve not tried other sound-recording programs yet, though. Following the instructions about “Capture Switch” at http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu#audio_issues were the key trick I needed to get the microphone to work.

    Also, I’ve had no trouble with suspend/resume, but have yet to assign the lid-close event to suspend: I’ve been running the shell scripts in /etc/acpi by hand.

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