Profiting from Agile

By: on November 25, 2008

In September we sponsored the Agile Conference and while it was held prior to the global meltdown, the turn-out was not great. Certainly attendance at the event does not seem to be growing at anything like the pace that Agile is being adopted. Is this because it’s now ubiquitous amongst the type of organisations that send people to conferences?

In general the most entertaining conference speakers were the most informative, with too many “case studies” turning into hard pitches. Rob Thomsett made a compelling case for the need to adopt an agile mindset at board level to make successful agile programmes.

Peter Merrick was interesting on the subject of working with new clients in an Agile context and while our approach has always been to help clients discover their requirements through the early planning phases, he advocates taking a more hands-on approach to requirements analysis. Our approach to new business seemed to resonate with him too.

While there were a fair few of the familiar faces there hawking their enterprise wares, it’s refreshing to meet the smaller practitioners who have adopted an agile approach through a will to “do the right thing and do it right”, rather than just jump on the latest bandwagon.


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