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By: on February 20, 2009

For some reason we are busier than ever at the moment, and we’re even more keen than usual to recruit. There are recruitment details on our website, but I wanted to put it into my own words, as something I can send to my friends when I’m telling them what we’re about and why you want to come and work for us.

What we do: LShift is primarily a contract coding shop: we rent out our software expertise to who needs it, mostly by the hour but occasionally on a fixed price basis. We’re not centered around any particular specialization; though a lot of jobs we get are primarily web-based applications, we’ve done a variety of other jobs from PC device management software to our message queueing system RabbitMQ. And we don’t fixate on any one language: just now there are projects in Java, Python, C#, a little C, and Erlang; Java’s the biggest as you’d expect, but in the past we’ve used Scheme and an upcoming project may end up in Haskell. We’ve done jobs that lasted only a week, while others have run for years, building up strong relationships with clients who come back to us again and again when they need work done. We are also branching out into in-house projects – RabbitMQ as linked above, and Expro. This variety is reflected in what we look for from you: we don’t require knowledge of any specific programming language or environment, we want to know that you’re flexible enough to pick up the skills that may be needed in a particular situation, and to pick the right tool for the job.

How we do it: unlike many such businesses, we don’t try to hide the technical side from the client side but put it front and centre. Every developer we hire is expected to be able to lead a project: the lead is the first person the client talks to about how the project is going, and guiding the project to completion is in their hands. Because one person is in control of technical, project management, and client-facing roles, these aspects pull together instead of against each other: developers aren’t pulling against management, the client gets accurate information on what can be done and how, and you get to find out the client’s needs from the horse’s mouth. This means that you have to be happy taking on responsibility to work here; for many, it’s a welcome change.

What it’s like working here: frankly I can’t imagine there are many better places to work. Come to interview, and you’ll have a chance to meet and talk to everyone who works here and gain your own impressions of what it’s like, once in the office and then again in the pub! If you’re taken on, you’ll be working in a room full of smart and knowledgeable people who you will want to learn from and who will want to learn from you, in a friendly and productive environment which values getting things done and doing things right. Send your CV and if you’ve got the skills you could soon be doing something a lot more fun and varied.


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