HTML email from Squeak using Seaside

By: on September 8, 2009

Recently, as part of a Seaside-based application running within Squeak, I wanted to send HTML-formatted notification emails when certain things happened within the application.

It turns out that Squeak has a built-in SMTP client library, which with a small amount of glue can be used with Seaside’s HTML renderer to send HTML formatted emails using code similar to that used when rendering Seaside website components.

sendHtmlEmailTo: toEmailAddressString
  from: fromEmailAddressString
  subject: subjectString
  with: aBlock
 | m b bodyHtml |
    m := MailMessage empty.
 m setField: 'from' toString: fromEmailAddressString.
  m setField: 'to' toString: toEmailAddressString.
  m setField: 'subject' toString: subjectString.
    m setField: 'content-type' toString: 'text/html'.
    b := WAHtmlBuilder new.
 b canvasClass: WARenderCanvas.
  b rootClass: WAHtmlRoot.
    bodyHtml := b render: aBlock.

   m body: (MIMEDocument contentType: 'text/html' content: bodyHtml).
    SMTPClient deliverMailFrom: m from
               to: {m to}
               text: m asSendableText
               usingServer: 'YOUR.SMTP.SERVER.EXAMPLE.COM'.

The aBlock argument should be like the body of a WAComponent’s renderContentOn: method. Here’s an example:

  sendHtmlEmailTo: ''
  from: ''
  subject: 'Hello, world'
  with: [:html |
    html heading level3 with: 'This is a heading'.
    html paragraph with: 'Hi there!']


  1. Duncan says:

    You know about the cascades syntax, right?

  2. tonyg says:

    @Duncan: yes; why do you ask?

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