mercurial-server version 1.1 released

By: on December 19, 2010

Version 1.1 of mercurial-server is now available. This permits one repository to be in a subdirectory of another, which makes subrepositories more convenient, as well as improvements to logging and documentation. I’ve also included the collection of scripts I use for testing under the “dev” subdirectory in the main repository, though I’d want to clean these up somewhat before including them in the release tarballs.

The Debian version also includes fixes for all the outstanding bugs against it in Debian; I’ve sent the files off to the sponsor, so hopefully that’ll enter Debian testing soon.



  1. zerkms says:

    Installed today mercurial-server for the first time.

    It is incredible in comparison to regular hg-ssh and manual authorized_keys configuring.

    Thanks for such a great work!

  2. zerkms says:

    Btw, “Creating repositories” section of is obsolete now.

    At least according to sources it should (and it gives) “mercurial-server: no such repository tst”.

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