Apache Camel and RabbitMQ

By: on February 4, 2011

I’m evaluating Apache Camel for use on a client project, but we need to back it on to RabbitMQ. The AMQP component that comes with Camel is based on the Qpid 0.5.0 client which does not work too well with Rabbit, so this seemed a good excuse to experiment with custom Camel components.

There’s a first pass on GitHub for anyone who wants to play. Note the phrase “first pass” and that the Limitations section of the README file is longer than the Usage one.



  1. Ross Mason says:

    Hi, You should also take a look at the AMQP support in Mule 3.1: http://blogs.mulesoft.org/amqp-3-1/ it’s tested against the latest RabbitMQ, so you have no need to craft your own.

  2. Mehul Bhatt says:

    good artical

  3. nikdenik says:

    where can i find the “com.rabbitmq:rabbitmq-messagepatterns:jar:0.1.3” maven artifact???

    is not an ufficial artifact… i didn’t find it!


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