mercurial-server 1.2 released

By: on September 6, 2011

Version 1.2 of mercurial-server is now available. This fixes a security problem, adds compatibility with Mercurial 1.9 and fixes incompatibilities with older versions of Python, adds MQ compatibility, and some other minor things.

Unfortunately it may not immediately enter Debian, because my former sponsor is no longer a Debian developer. If you’re an official Debian developer and you’d like to sponsor this package, please get in touch – thanks!

mercurial-server on



  1. Daniil Churikov says:

    hello, didn`t find any bug/issue trackers, related to mercurial-server, so try to describe here:
    1) despite of changeble Makefile, it is so hard to install it to different dirrectory
    2) what should i do if i have existing user, which i want to use for this purposes?
    3) if you compare this to gitosis/gitolite, this systems doesnt requiere root access in process of install at all.
    4) looking througth doc-pages, it is not clear what are you trying to rich, behind this commands.

    p.s. thnx for your job and articles, especially for erlang articles.

  2. Daniil Churikov says:

    p.s. sry for bad english
    s/rich/reach/g and other =)

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