mercurial-server needs a long-term Debian sponsor

By: on September 14, 2011

Thanks to the patient work of Jakub Wilk, mercurial-server 1.2-1 has hit the Debian “unstable” repository, where all being well it should make its way into testing, stable, Ubuntu and so forth. Jakub stepped in at the last minute when I discovered that the project’s previous sponsor, Steve Kemp, had resigned as a Debian developer in April.

I’d like to arrange a longer-term Debian sponsor for mercurial-server now, in advance of the next release, so that we can make sure we fix any issues with the package in advance and we’re ready when release time comes. If there are any Debian developers out there who use mercurial-server, please do get in touch – thanks!



  1. Sebastian Unger says:

    Hi Paul,

    did you ever find a maintainer or are you maintaining mercurial-server yourself? I’m asking because I just discovered that the upgrade to mercurial 4.8 (from 4.5) broke mercurial-server and so far I haven’t even found a place to report the bug.


  2. DC says:

    Hi, I just started tinkering with mercurial-server since myself and others relied on bitbucket. I wonder if you and I could see if there’s any overlap in our goals. Please contact me.
    keybase: toastyfoot
    Telegram: @Toastyfoot

    I found a bitbucket repo with no recent commits (but some pull requests).

    There’s also the debian bug report page

    (If the email link works, put “mercurial-server” in the subject line. I’ll filter for it.)

    Good luck.

    (Paul! Thanks for your work, thanks for mercurial-server!)

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