Fallacies of a Monad

By: on April 26, 2013

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HEAD of the same answer: Aha!



  1. Martin Eden says:

    “WebDriver’s high-level library for remote service. Never Mind the value. Programming in. Unfortunately, since I did I wanted the parent right, let’s look at it. Entity Framework as well.”

    I blame this paragraph on myself.

  2. Matt says:

    Is this supposed to make sense, or did someone hack the LShift blog?

  3. John Wright says:

    Matt, that’s a pretty legit reaction! See https://www.lshift.net/blog/2013/04/26/auto-generating-lshift-blog-posts for the pretext.

  4. Toby says:

    I shudder to think how this tool could be used for nefarious SEO purposes. You could also troll stackoverflow with it…

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