Programming as a social activity

By: on September 30, 2013

I realised tonight something that I’d forgotten. We’re usually so busy knocking out code to fulfil our timebox coomitments that it’s perhaps easy to forget something very important: to have fun.

I went to the local Smalltalk user group tonight where Jason Ayers gave a talk on simplicity: do our tools help us make simple code? For a change, there was a relative dearth of laptops in the room (and it was a rather full room – nice!) so we “triple programmed”, tasked with implementing Conway’s Game of Life.


I think I’d forgotten that programming can be fun, and not just fun in an amuse-yourself-in-a-corner-on-your-lonesome kind of way, but fun in a way where you meet new people under the guise of performing some shared task. So if there’s a local programming group near you, why not swing by. You might meet some interesting folk. And if there isn’t such a group, maybe start one? It might be fun!


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