Two weeks at LShift

By: on April 8, 2014

On a welcome break from studying for my GCSEs at school I spent two weeks doing ‘work experience’ at LShift. At the end of the two week placement I was interrogated by Keith Fisher. Here’s a transcript:

1. Did you have a choice in where to do your work experience placement?

Yes I had complete control over what I wanted to do for my work experience. If I didn’t, I would be working in an old people’s home or a school. Also, I think if you don’t find a work placement before the deadline, you have to work for a teacher.

2. Why did you pick LShift?

I picked LShift because it seemed like a fun place to work, LShift also works with software development which is something that I am doing at school and it’s something I enjoy. A relative suggested LShift as a place to do my work experience so I did some research. The website really said it all, software design, computers and free cola. That was all I needed.

3. What was it like?

When I arrived, I was actually surprised. I was imagining the place to be a huge company with hundreds of employees. Instead it was quite a small sized company with friendly people! ¬†LShift must be an anomaly in the industry. It’s a place where stress isn’t even a problem, everyone is relaxed and calm. It was actually relaxing to be there.

4. What did you do while you were there?

While I worked at LShift I had the chance to sit in on a training course for a project management method called “DSDM” which will help me in later life. I learnt how to make programs using .net. I learnt how software development companies run and work. Lastly, I learnt what it’s like to work for a fantastic company.

5. Is two weeks enough time to get a sense of what work is like?

No, I could learn so much more from LShift so leaving so quickly is a shame.

6. Would you do it again?

No I would never come here again… just kidding. I would definitely consider working at LShift again. In the future I would hope I could work somewhere like this.


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