Fallacies of a Monad

John Wright wrote “DSL based templating sucks! This looks a very short beep-like sound card. Let paragraphs rely on a sense of data. Roy recently released my mind: In practice of course, it grew features.”

cloverage – a code coverage tool for clojure

Jacek Lach wrote “A couple years ago we presented a couple design sketches for a code coverage tool for clojure. More recently we spent some time researching whether existing code coverage tools would suffice for our requirements, and after finding out that java based code coverage tools either don’t work at all, or produce unhelpful output, we decided…”

TDD for Esoteric Programming Languages (using Clojure and Befunge)

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “I’ve been learning Clojure recently, and I’d been looking around for a good initial project to test my new knowledge. I’ve always wanted to write a Befunge interpreter, and so decided that sounded like a fun project. Little did I know the maze of twisty little passages I was letting myself in for, but I’ve…”

Clojure to Smalltalk translation notes

Frank Shearar wrote “Clojure has an interesting implementation of a Huet-style zipper. I started translating it to Smalltalk, and in the process discovered a number of things not really related to zippers. Given that the end result ends up looking very similar to something we’ve already seen , let’s talk more about the translation process itself.”

JNA wrapper for ZMQ

Tim Clark wrote “Zed Shaw’s Mongrel2 uses zeromq as the communication protocol between the web server and any custom handlers that you wish to write in the language of your choosing, including Clojure via a ring adapter. So off my fingers trotted installing all the dependencies for mongrel2, including zeromq, testing my mongrel2 by walking through the examples…”