Cross-grading for fun and profit

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “First thing you’re probably wondering: What’s cross-grading? Well, it’s a bit like upgrading, except more sidewise than definitely upwards. It involves the changing of the architecture of a system, most typically from 32-bit to 64-bit, and most typically from x86 to x86-64 (although similar options are apparently doable for other architecture families, including ARM, MIPS and…”

Using Debian Multiarch for cross-compiling

Tom Parker-Shemilt wrote “I’ve recently acquired a Raspberry Pi, and was considering using it for SNES emulation. However, as it turns out that Zsnes is x86-only, and that Snes9x got kicked out of Debian a while back for having an annoying “no-commercial use” license, so we’re into the compile-it-yourself options. As Snes9x is a configure/makefile-type project, I should in…”