CodeMesh 2013 Redux

Sam Carr wrote “Last month I attended the CodeMesh conference here in sunny London, along with a couple of my colleagues. Here are my recollections and thoughts. The venue (Hotel Russel on Russel Square) is a pleasantly rambling, grand old hotel, which hosted a few hundred hardcore geeks fairly well. A couple of the rooms were a bit small and…”

Möbius Transformations in a Tangle

Frank Shearar wrote “We saw in a previous post a kind of transformation of complex values, a Möbius transformation. It turns out that we can decompose any Möbius transformation into a series of four separate transformations – a translation, an inversion, a dilation/rotation, and a final transformation. From a UX perspective, we saw that using input fields and…”

simple build tool

Tim Clark wrote “I started using Maven at a company where we had 60+ Java projects all with their own individual Ant build file. Each build file was different and each project was structured completely differently. Porting the most active projects to Maven made this situation a lot saner, test code was always in the same location, the same commands achieved…”