A study in Scala

Sam Carr wrote “Cards on the table: I like Scala. Right now it’s my go-to general purpose programming language, but I know that many people have a dim opinion of it, or appreciate its positives but are heavily conflicted by its negatives. Actually I do put myself in that latter camp, though I think I’ve got deep enough…”

CodeMesh 2013 Redux

Sam Carr wrote “Last month I attended the CodeMesh conference here in sunny London, along with a couple of my colleagues. Here are my recollections and thoughts. The venue (Hotel Russel on Russel Square) is a pleasantly rambling, grand old hotel, which hosted a few hundred hardcore geeks fairly well. A couple of the rooms were a bit small and…”

Stackable traits for ScalaTest test suites

hok wrote “When your application is based on Spring it makes a lot of sense to fire up a Spring context within your integration tests and functional tests. For a particular Scala-based project it was necessary to manage not only the lifetime of the Spring context, but also the lifetime of an annotation-based REST library component called…”