XML tunnel-vision

Michael Bridgen wrote “In Ant 1.6, properties can be written in XML files. Can someone tell me why <property name="some.property" value="some.value"/> is more desirable than property.name=some.value ? Update The import feature is what’s new in Ant 1.6 that makes this usage possible. So, the answer is, “because you can conditionally set properties in the imported files” (rather than…”

Semantics in HTML via typographic convention

Michael Bridgen wrote “There’s a summary of an interesting discussion regarding semantics in HTML over on fantasai’s blog. Is the HR element only presentational or does it convey something about the content? It does seem to have a semantic role, but one which comes from it being a typographical convention of using a row of asterisks to mark…”

Browser-side XForms

Matthias Radestock wrote “At last there appears to be a working implementation of [XForms](http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/) that is written in Javascript and runs entirely inside a browser: [FormFaces](http://www.formfaces.com/main.html). The clear separation of content from presentation, and the declarative nature of XForms have always appealed to me, but the lack of a browser-side implementation has so far put me off from…”