Java memory profiling with jmap and jhat

Matthias Radestock wrote “My colleagues and I have just spent over a week tracking down a repeated OutOfMemoryError in a fairly complex web application. In the process we looked at the jmap and jhat memory profiling tools for the JVM.”

TiddlyWiki version 2.0

Michael Bridgen wrote “TiddlyWiki is very customisable WikiWiki that lives in a single HTML file. Recently it had a major version release, with some correspondingly major improvements.”

JSON, Squeak, and Seaside

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Today I implemented a JSON reader/writer library for Squeak, and a small extension to Seaside‘s existing LivePage features for doing XMLHttpRequest-based server-push. The JSON code is available on Squeakmap and also via SqueakSource, under either SqueakL (see here) or the MIT license. The Seaside extension is still in flux, but I’ll release something as soon…”

Audible Ping

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Does your internet go away occasionally? Do you have a computer hooked up to a moderately loud stereo system? Want to know as soon as the link comes back? Here’s a script (put it in a file, e.g. ~/bin/audible-ping) that pings some outside host, playing a short .wav file when ping finally starts to get…”

Sun’s disabling coffee beans

Matthew Sackman wrote “As widely reported (even enthusiastically by people other than Sun themselves), Java 1.5 (otherwise known as Tiger, otherwise known as 5.0) has generics. This is done by erasure originally for reasons of backwards compatibility. The idea was that Sun wanted to be able to compile source code with generics in it and run the generated…”

Searching IMAP in Gnus

Matthias Radestock wrote “I spent a good few hours trying to convince [Gnus]( to search my IMAP folders, under XEmacs. Googling turned up quite a lot of stuff, but most of it is wrong/irrelevant. In the end all I needed to do was: – stick `(require ‘nnir)` in my XEmacs init file – add `(nnir-search-engine imap)` to my…”