kill daemon from Planet -9

Michael Bridgen wrote “Someone has put programmers’ fridge magnet poetry on our fridge. I suspect it was a well-targetted marketing freebie, like the beanbag penguin that sits looking out onto Old Street. In any case, it has already attracted the attention of several clearly very talented individuals: gorgeous dangling cyberspace whisper foo and this ironic gem greasy hacker…”

Pub quiz triumph

Michael Bridgen wrote “We started attending the Tuesday night pub quiz at the Reliance a while back, and won a few bar tabs and jackpots. Most weeks someone-or-other has something on and can’t come along, and we end up either half-strength or giving it a miss; so, we’ve struggled to continue our winning ways, even to the low…”

An Alphabetical Google Zeitgeist

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “I’ve installed Firefox 2.0 on most of the machines I work on daily now. Its use of google suggestions surprised me when I first saw it, but I’ve grown to find it somewhat useful on occasion now. It suggested the following experiment (not in so many words, of course): assuming that the suggestions it supplies…”

Busy busy

Michael Bridgen wrote “There’s been nothin’ doin’ blog-wise at LShift for the past week or so; we all seem to be wrapped up in projects. Briefly though, collectively we’re – Tickling Erlang – Thinking about what direction to lead Icing in – Finding all the best documentation the Web has to offer on ASP.NET 2.0 – Getting intimate…”

London 2.0

Michael Bridgen wrote “I went to London 2.0 last night, a short bus ride and walk away in Fleet Street. It’s a gathering of the kind becoming more popular — there was XP enthusiasts on the other side of the pub — involving techy chat and a few pints. The main event was Jason Huggins demonstrating some work-in-progress…”

Coming to an Interweb near you

Michael Bridgen wrote “Schmoogle, the search engine for finding industry events. Really, this is imminent, if not already extant …”

Small and healthily skeptical is good

Michael Bridgen wrote “Tim Malbon says he’s pleased to be involved in this Web thing, but appears to conflate lack of full assimilation with brain-washing. One can be a tiny bundle of techno-lust and not believe that successive versions of the Web will lead directly to a shiny new future. Posting photos to Flickr (Web2.0) seems like something…”

Inform 7

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Those of you with an interest in interactive fiction who’ve not yet checked out Inform 7 – run, do not walk, to your nearest mac or windows machine and have a go! (Sadly, the IDE hasn’t been ported to Linux yet.) I spent quite a few hours over the weekend building a toy game using I7,…”

APL: Cooler than you think

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “A couple of weekends ago now I attended the first UK Smalltalk meeting. Stephen Taylor spoke about some of his experiences using XP in the financial industry, and touched on his development of a financial DSL based in APL (!). There were a couple of informal talks introducing the APL programming language – it’s got…”

Parallels between Smalltalk and Linux

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Travis Griggs has some interesting things to say about the similarities between Smalltalk and Linux. Of course there are huge differences as well, but it’s interesting to hear a Smalltalker’s take on the similarities.”

The Ashes

Michael Bridgen wrote “Stuart ran an RF cable up from the riser downstairs so we can have the last, deciding day of the Ashes Tests shown through the projector in our meeting room. Exciting!”

Alien technology coffee machine

Michael Bridgen wrote “We are trialling a new coffee machine. The old one is a percolator with two hotplates. The new one is hermetically sealed, has a fascia that coordinates well with hi-fi componentry, and makes variations on espresso that I haven’t heard of with a single button press. There is a certain satisfaction in the fantasy that…”