APL: Cooler than you think

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “A couple of weekends ago now I attended the first UK Smalltalk meeting. Stephen Taylor spoke about some of his experiences using XP in the financial industry, and touched on his development of a financial DSL based in APL (!). There were a couple of informal talks introducing the APL programming language – it’s got…”

Parallels between Smalltalk and Linux

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Travis Griggs has some interesting things to say about the similarities between Smalltalk and Linux. Of course there are huge differences as well, but it’s interesting to hear a Smalltalker’s take on the similarities.”

The Ashes

Michael Bridgen wrote “Stuart ran an RF cable up from the riser downstairs so we can have the last, deciding day of the Ashes Tests shown through the projector in our meeting room. Exciting!”

Alien technology coffee machine

Michael Bridgen wrote “We are trialling a new coffee machine. The old one is a percolator with two hotplates. The new one is hermetically sealed, has a fascia that coordinates well with hi-fi componentry, and makes variations on espresso that I haven’t heard of with a single button press. There is a certain satisfaction in the fantasy that…”