Coming to an Interweb near you

Michael Bridgen wrote “Schmoogle, the search engine for finding industry events. Really, this is imminent, if not already extant …”

Small and healthily skeptical is good

Michael Bridgen wrote “Tim Malbon says he’s pleased to be involved in this Web thing, but appears to conflate lack of full assimilation with brain-washing. One can be a tiny bundle of techno-lust and not believe that successive versions of the Web will lead directly to a shiny new future. Posting photos to Flickr (Web2.0) seems like something…”

E4X and the DOM

Tom Berger wrote “Reading through tonyg’s recent post I came across something i haven’t yet seen in use – inline XML within Javascript code. E4X, it seems, has landed. It is now available by default in Firefox and Rhino – other implementation will surely follow. E4X, shorthand for ECMAScript for XML is a nice language extension to Javascript…”