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Oliver Wyman

Find out more about Oliver Wyman and Oliver Wyman Digital.

Role and Responsibilities

Oliver Wyman Digital is hiring Software Engineers in our Boston, New York, Dublin, London, Berlin, Singapore and Sydney offices. We are building new teams from the ground up and as such need to hire top-tier talent in several locations at all levels, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals.

We operate at the intersection of tech and high business impact for some of the world’s leading companies. We hire smart, driven people and equip them with the tools and support they need to get their jobs done.

Our proposition is simple

  • You will work with people as passionate and awesome as yourself – we have a ‘no jerks’ policy
  • You will get variety of tech, industries, projects, and clients
  • You will deliver work that has real impact in how our clients do business
  • You will choose the work-life balance that works for you
  • We will invest in you
  • We will help you grow your career while remaining hands-on and technical
  • You will work in smaller, more agile, flatter teams than is the norm elsewhere
  • You will be empowered and have more autonomy and responsibilities than almost anywhere else
  • You will help recruit you future colleagues
  • We offer competitive compensation and benefits

What we look for

We don’t look for specific technologies in your resume. Instead, a good candidate will have:

  • Experience with several programming languages, different programming paradigms, and operating systems
  • A passion for technology. Open source contributions are great to see, but not required
  • Experience in all stages in the project life-cycle
  • Signs of initiative and ability to drive things forward
  • Ability to handle multiple workstreams and prioritize accordingly
  • Commitment to delivering value and helping clients succeed

Here is a list of nice to haves. All are optional, in fact you don’t need experience with any of them to apply. But this list does give you a taste of some of the tech and tooling we have used in recent projects:

  • Web, mobile (iOS and Android), pure back-end, or database development
  • Any modern JavaScript front-end framework: Vue.js, Angular, React, Knockout, etc.
  • Server-side JavaScript tools: Node, Express, NPM, Yarn
  • Python, NumPy, Pandas, Spark, PySpark, Jupyter Notebooks, R, Scala, Kafka
  • Java, C#.NET
  • Airflow, Luigi
  • Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Redshift, S3, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Docker, Rancher, Jenkins, Chef

What to expect from the recruitment process

We tailor the process to each candidate, but in general you should expect two technical interviews, a hands-on coding exercise, and two team fit interviews. Some of them will take place via video call, and we will get you to come in to meet us in person whenever possible. We don’t want to make you sit through endless interviews, but we think it is important that you get to meet several of your future teammates. Make sure you ask them questions! We want you to understand what you are signing up for. Look at it this way: you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you.

Here’s a bit more about what makes us different

Oliver Wyman Digital is the technical delivery arm of Oliver Wyman, an international management consultancy. We operate under the Oliver Wyman aegis with a distinct culture that gives us the space to emphasize what we as technically-oriented people think is important.

We are a distributed team by design, and by trial and error we have found a way to make that work really well. This gives us flexibility to work the hours that best suit individual lifestyles, as well as the opportunity to execute exciting projects anywhere in the world without much (if any) travel.

Each of our regional teams has independence to self-organize, develop their own local culture, and evolve in the way they feel is best. At heart though we are still one global team, tightly bound by a strong social fabric. We connect with one another on a daily basis, get together as a team via video call every week, and in person as a larger group at least once per year.

We are all builders & doers. We love tech. We are absolutely committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Everyone in the team, even the ‘C-suite’, is expected to stay close to technology and get their hands dirty whenever required (it’s usually more fun to build than to manage.)

In the past few years we have expanded from an internal startup to a global professional delivery organization and we work very hard to retain the set of core values we had when we were much smaller. Note however that this is not a perfect team. Just like any fast-growing business, we have our share of problems and we will be upfront and honest with you about those problems because we are looking for people to help us solve them.

We should also point out that working for OW Labs can at times be challenging and demanding: you will often need to keep multiple balls in the air at once, and you will probably be pushed out of your comfort zone. But this is also a deeply rewarding job: you will work with an amazing group of people in a highly collaborative environment, you will learn from and share with colleagues who help one another, and you will be infused in a unique culture that is transparent, empowering, and fun.

This team is different. We think it’s a pretty awesome team. It was built by people like you, for people like you, and now we need more of you to make it even more awesome.

Career Options

Our Values

Immediate impact, continuous challenge

As part of our global, entrepreneurial team, you’ll do meaningful work from day one. We’re looking for individuals who challenge the norm, and constantly strive to build something new for the firm and the world around us.

Chart your course: we support the journey

At OW, there’s no “one size fits all.” We hire exceptional people and help them thrive through a built-in support network, flexible career paths, and no artificial barriers to advancement.

We hire you to be you

WBring your authentic self and enjoy working alongside diverse and down-to-earth colleagues who do serious work, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Oliver Wyman is an equal opportunity employer

Our commitment to diversity is genuine, deep and growing. We’re not perfect yet, but we’re working hard right now to make our teams balanced, representative and diverse.

How to Apply

If you like what you’ve read, we’d love to hear from you. You can submit your CV to Sabrina Gigante. Please include a short covering email introducing yourself and what you’re looking for. Strictly no agencies.



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