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Oliver Wyman is a leading global management consulting firm that combines deep industry knowledge with expertise in strategy, operations, risk management and organisational transformation.

The core purpose of Oliver Wyman is to bring exceptional people together to create value by making lasting contributions to our clients, industries and societies.

In our recruiting, we look for people who will make Oliver Wyman an even better place in future. We look for people who are self-starters and free thinkers. Most importantly, we look for passion and the desire to help build and shape us.

Oliver Wyman Digital Engineering

Unlike many of our competitors we are not technology resellers. We employ multi-skilled developers. This allows our team to work on an wide range of projects, in diverse technical fields. To achieve this, we recruit developers with an understanding of engineering and computer science principles so they can turn their hand to a wide range of work. We encourage people to constantly be looking to work in new areas, with new technologies and languages.

Since our inception we have maintained a commitment to open source and open standards. Areas in computing where we have developed particular expertise include distributed systems, cryptography and cloud computing.

Our approach to delivery means that we tend to have small teams. Those teams, however, are highly skilled and extremely agile, which tests the skills of our Lead Developers in mapping the team and its work onto projects that are often complex, and with rapidly evolving requirements. All of our developers are trained in Agile delivery management.

We encourage staff to develop their leadership, communications and organisational skills to the best of their ability. Given the scale of the projects we work on and the small size of our teams, there are many opportunities for staff to take on more responsibility based on their experience, if they want to do so.

Our Impact

Oliver Wyman is an international management consultancy with clients across many industry verticals, any and all of whom might need support from the Engineering team, meaning there is an enormous variety in our work. To give you a taste, here are some projects we have worked on recently.

Digital Transformation

We helped design and manage a digital transformation project that took this traditional German energy company and digitally enabled it, revolutionising the way that it interacts with its customers and the kind of products it is able to offer them, and thereby revolutionising also its operations and practices to meet the challenge of the digital economy

Network Strategy, Planning and Analysis

We are working closely with our consulting colleagues to turn their modelling tools into data dashboards, allowing transport networks to model the impact of changing logistics resources, and external conditions so they can model the impact on transport routing and network volume.

Payments Systems

We have been working with one of the world’s biggest payment switch providers to refine their systems and support them in developing the next generation of high-erformance switches that will underpin large parts of the economy in the UK and internationally.

Greenfield Digital Bank

We are building an entire digital retail banking platform from the ground up. Working with our colleagues in the consulting and UX teams, we have been designing new ways to deal with the inherent complexities involved in banking and how to simplify the services for mobile customers.

Careers in Engineering

With an expanding program of major engineering projects we need engineers at every level of our work, from interns and recent graduates, and those who have recently changed career, through to senior team leads.

On the technical side, we recruit people who combine depth of outlook and experience, which suits them to work on the broad range of technologies we address. We have built projects that are deployed on Unix, Windows, OS X, Android & iOS, and, for example, have used C#, Clojure, Erlang, F#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Scheme in production. You should have sufficient engineering / Computer Science depth to be able to learn and apply new technologies quickly.

A good candidate will have the following technical skills and attributes

  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, complexity
  • Experience with different programming paradigms (definitely OO, at least one of functional or declarative)
  • Versed in several programming languages
  • Familiarity with test driven development, continuous integration, micro service architecture and containerisation
  • A positive regard for open source technologies and open standards
  • Enthusiasm for technology in general
  • Good Unix and Windows skills

For more senior positions we also look for the kind of leadership, presentation and management skills that will allow you to lead teams of our engineers on project

  • Knowledge of project delivery tools and methodologies (Agile, Waterfall). Team leadership and mentoring skills
  • Client handling and communications skills
  • Experience of all stages in the project life-cycle
  • Ability to apply software design principles across a wide range of architectures, act as a systems architect or lead significant systems integration projects
  • Senior candidates will be able to handle significant client engagement issues, work in a client-facing role and work well with non-technical stakeholders
  • We are keen to meet candidates who have worked as a technical product manager

At the more experienced end of our recruitment we need architects and team leaders focused on project delivery and client satisfaction. The day-to-day requirements of the role will change with each project, depending on its technical profile, its scale, and the situation of the engineers in the project team as a whole. But in every case we need Lead Developers and managers who

not only meet our exacting engineering standards, but who also excel in the areas of team leadership and management, client communications and project planning.

Given the international footprint of Oliver Wyman, our engineering positions may involve occasional travel and working on site with clients, depending on the project, although the requirements are light enough to cater to those with families or similar commitments.

Inclusion and Diversity

“There is no doubt that Oliver Wyman is a firm of smart and talented people. But intellectual rigour alone does not differentiate us from other professional services firms. What makes us different is our commitment to our people and clients. We celebrate authenticity and commit to unleashing the diverse backgrounds, experiences and talents of our global workforce to solve our clients’ most complex problems. We value individuality and recognise that each client is unique. We seek out difference because we prioritise innovation and believe that the best solutions are born out of varying, sometimes competing perspectives. Inclusion and diversity is not a programme at Oliver Wyman; it is a lived philosophy and key enabler of our success.”

Brandi Green, Senior Management, Inclusion and Diversity

OW Digital Engineering Brochure

For more information about the role, download the OW Digital Engineering Brochure

How to Apply

If you like what you’ve read, we’d love to hear from you. You can submit your CV to Sabrina Gigante. Please include a short covering email introducing yourself and what you’re looking for. Strictly no agencies.



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