Vacancies: Senior Multi Skilled Developers and Engineers


Job Description

Fantastic opportunities are available in the Oliver Wyman Labs Systems Engineering team in our London, Berlin and Singapore offices. You’ll be working in smaller, more agile teams than usual. Our philosophy is to liberate our developers to do the best job they can with minimal interference. The position combines the roles of architect, lead developer and team lead. You’ll be immersed in the business side of the work from the start of each project too, so you can shape it to meet the business requirements.

Any success we have had is because of this development model, which we have been refining for almost 20 years, first as LShift, and now as the Systems Engineering team at OW Labs. We work across technologies, platforms, OS’s and industries, which means you will be working on a wide range of projects and will gain a correspondingly wide range of experience, both technical and personal, as an engineer, a developer and as a leader.

Our outlook is molded around the principle of recruiting people who combine breadth and depth of outlook and experience. This reflects the broad nature of the work they will be required to do.

A good candidate will have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, complexity
  • Experience with different programming paradigms (definitely OO, at least one of functional or declarative, and any others a bonus)
  • Versed in several programming languages
  • Experience of all stages in the project life-cycle
  • A passion for open source technologies
  • Good Unix and Windows skills

We expect you to be passionate about technology.

All our team are required to act as client-facing leads, owning all the technical aspects of a project from inception to delivery. You also get to choose your development tools. Due to the variety of clients we work with we systematically turn our hands to a range of technologies; we have built projects that are deployed on Unix, Windows, OS X, Android & iOS, and, for example, have used C#, Clojure, Erlang, F#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Objective C, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Scheme in production.

About Oliver Wyman Labs Engineering

Our Engineering unit was designed by engineers themselves to ensure it would be a good place for smart people to work, to avoid ineffective management habits and encourage great technical practice. Our day to day routine is as flexible and informal as possible to give you room to manage yourself as you see fit. As part of the delivery arm of an international management consultancy, our client list is enormous and offers a huge variety of projects to work on. Much of our work sits genuinely at the cutting edge of software engineering development, taking in disciplines such as distributed systems design, AI, cryptography and security, machine learning and data engineering. As a member of our team you could be working in any these areas at any one time.

We reward staff in proportion to their skills and commitment. We run bonus, healthcare and pensions schemes as well as offering a wide range of other benefits, from subsidized computer and bike schemes, to car leasing, gym membership and beyond.

In short, our Engineering group is a great place to work if you love a challenge and are tired of conventional thinking.

See our Engineering team’s page on StackOverflow

To apply, send your CV and a covering letter to
Strictly no agencies, please.