The BBC are a long-standing client and our work there has been varied. Projects have included Weather Watchers, radio programme scheduling, Radio 1 chart data management, recommendation systems, user applications, feed management and various other pieces of infrastructure.


LShift consulted for Buongiorno (a.k.a. Lumata) on the analysis and proof of concept for a new product set they were developing for the next generation tablet market.

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CII are the leading professional organisation for insurance and financial services industry in the UK and have an extensive membership putting them in the top rung of the membership organisations in the country. We have worked with them for many years helping design, build and manage their membership, tuition and qualifications systems.

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Desktop software and software licensing facility for Barclays’ business customers.

Deutsche Börse

RabbitMQ Consulting for one of the world’s leading financial exchanges Deutsche Börse

Dorling Kindersley

DK came up with an innovative idea for creating an online experience that marked itself out from the crowd of travel sites out on the Web.

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EasyOdds run a very popular website that aggregates bookmakers’ data and covers just about any sport you can think of. We helped EasyOdds improve the quality of their web technology over a period of a couple of years.


FilmFlex provides broadcasters with film content for syndication. We helped them develop their content syndication and integration with other broadcast websites.

Freedom from Torture

If designing and delivering ‘Daylight’ has one major lesson, it is that medium-sized systems supporting complex, long-term, inter-agency care can be built without astronomic budgets or years of consultancy, development and training overhead.

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We have been working with the furniture retailer Habitat since 2003. Most of our work has been focussed on sharing product data within the organisation.


LShift provides an ongoing engineering assessment of the applicability of existing message brokers and messaging protocols in the European air traffic control infrastructure modernisation programme.

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RabbitMQ consulting for leading consumer retail business.

Oliver Wyman

LShift has been working with Oliver Wyman, an international management consultancy, to provide development expertise across their client and software product portfolios.

Raw TV

LShift delivered a proof of concept for innovative use of smart phone usage logging tools to provide input for a new TV concept and series. Lessons learnt are being applied by RAW TV in a production implementation.


TiCL is a mobile app and service that enables users to create, browse and contribute to location- and time-specific headlines and discussions – the app’s homescreen declares ‘Here and Now’. The apps for iPhone and Android employ features characteristic of smartphones: location, camera, compass and accelerometer.


We provided research, design, proof-of-concept and development of voice recognition systems for a start-up company.